Bach flower remedies for dogs: Alternative healing method

With Bach flowers for dogs, the psyche of your four-legged friend should be balanced again if it is unbalanced for various reasons.

Whether your quadruped is suffering from loss anxiety, panic about crowds or stressed while driving - Bach flower remedies for dogs can help treat behavioral problems.

What is the Bach flower therapy?

The Bach flower therapy goes to the English doctor. Edward Bach, who developed this naturopathic treatment in the 1930s. He attributed to certain states of mind certain flower essences, which he had gained by the insertion and boiling of flowers.

Originally, the Bach flower therapy was intended for the treatment of humans, but is now used for some time in the animal naturopathy. The purely vegetable flower essences should have a positive effect on the state of mind and restore the inner balance. As a result, self-healing processes in the body should be stimulated.

Although the Bach flower therapy is considered controversial among medical professionals, the plant essences enjoy great popularity. Also Bach flowers for dogs are for many masters and mistresses an important means to promote the well-being of their four-legged friend.

Bach flowers for dogs: What are you used for?

Some Bach flower remedies for dogs such as Aspen or Mimulus are used to relieve anxiety. Scleranthus or Cerato can be given to unsafe dogs. And if your dog is quickly upset, Bach flowers like Red Chestnut or Cherry Plum may help.

Which flower essences are used, depends on the particular behavioral problems and must be determined individually for each dog. If you would like to treat your dog with Bach flower remedies, you should seek advice from an animal psychologist or veterinary practitioner, or seek information from specialist literature.

It is also important that you have any organic diseases that may be responsible for the symptoms, exclude from a veterinarian before you start with a Bach flower treatment for dogs.

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