Driving with the cat: tips for a good trip

Driving does not like most cats. Even less, if they were not used to it from an early age. Therefore, a velvet paw should only be taken in the car, if it must be absolutely - for example, if a visit to the vet is pending. What you should pay attention to, so that the car is not a torture for your pet, you can find out here.

While dogs sometimes keep their heads out the window and enjoy the wind, cats prefer to watch our cars from a distance. Sometimes, however, car trips with the cat are necessary. If you want to get your cat used to driving, you should not force her to do anything. She will keep the negative experience in mind and the next time she will cause problems. A good preparation is the nuts and bolts, so that the ride runs smoothly.

Driving with the cat: Legal information

In contrast to driving with children, there is no clear obligation to secure pets in the car. According to the Highway Code, however, cats are strictly speaking considered "cargo" and as such must be secured accordingly. It is crucial that no one is endangered by the cargo. Violations of a proper security can be punished with a fine; in obvious danger to others even with points in Flensburg. In addition, the insurance coverage may expire in the event of damage, if it comes out that you have not sufficiently secured your pet in the car.

Purchase the transport box and get used to it

If possible, you should get your cat used to the car step by step. Spend several times with your cat in the car several times before a ride. For transport you should definitely buy a transport box, so that you can secure your darling sufficiently. There are specially made car transport boxes for the journey. They are particularly safe to stow in the vehicle. However, a sturdy flight or cat box is also sufficient if you provide them with an additional backup.

Important: Get used to your velvet paw before the trip to the small cage. Otherwise, your Miez in the car will give no rest or the box does not even want to enter. Create a small space of security, for example, with a cozy blanket that your cat can enter at any time at home. When it's time for a ride together, your cat will feel at best as if taking a piece of home away from home.

Just before the ride: do not feed!

About four hours before driving, the cat should not eat or drink anything anymore. When you are on the move: Never leave the pet alone in the car for a long time, especially in summer it can be very dangerous. A heat stroke threatens from just a few minutes in the hot car.

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