Buy Australian Mist Cat: What needs to be considered?

You want to buy a Australian Mist Cat? The cat breed is perfect for keeping in an apartment. Read here some important information about the Kitty.

The Australian Mist, which probably originated from Australia, is often called "Australian veil cat" in this country. The name describes her coat, which has a very delicate tint and therefore looks like a gentle veil. The cat breed is medium sized and muscular, the coat is very short and can have different colors - for example, brown, blue or lilac. The eye color of the pretty cat is green or golden.

Why should you buy a Australian crap?

If you want to buy an Australian Mist, you have made an excellent choice: The breed is great as a pet. This is mainly due to its nature: The Stubentiger is relaxed and friendly, especially towards people. She does not care if she is a toddler or rather a senior citizen, the veil cat feels well in any case. Young animals are particularly curious and alive, with age they become a little calmer. Also with other cat breeds the kitty understands itself usually very well. In addition, the breed is quite robust and not prone to hereditary diseases. With a good attitude she can be fifteen or older.

Tips for the care of the veil cat

You can keep the veil cat after the purchase without problems as pure flat cat. However, it is not only playful, but also fun to move around - so make sure you have as much space as possible, as well as play and climbing opportunities. Also, you should regularly deal with the cat. Also, do not leave the kitty alone anymore, she needs company to feel good. Ideally you should give her one or two conspecifics so she does not get bored. The care of the Australian Mist is designed very inexpensive - you should only remove regularly with the help of a brush loose hair from the fur.

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