Ride with horse and dog: safety tips

If you want to ride a dog and a horse, your animals should already be able to do a lot - and you should also pay attention to a few things. Which are they?

A dog that runs with the horse should first be fully grown and well educated. It is important that he listens to you properly. He should also execute commands such as "seat", "place" and "stay" remotely, just like the important command "come here".

What the dog still needs to do

If your four-legged friend is to accompany you on the horse, he should not have a hunting instinct or be so well-behaved that he still listens to you in every situation. He must react calmly to other dogs, start no quarrels, neither man nor animal barking after running, be safe in the traffic and always listen attentively to your commands.

Besides, he should of course know horses well and not get too close to them, neither bark nor run after them nor jump out of the bushes and scare them. If he can now also behave well on horseback on the leash, he fulfills the most important prerequisites to be present at the ride.

Safety tips for the horse

The horse should also bring important requirements. Importantly, it knows dogs and has not had any bad experiences with them. It should tolerate their closeness, know touches of the dog leash or the dog when leashing and stay well behaved, if the rider gives him the command to do so. Even when shifting the rider's weight, the animal should remain calm.

Demands on humans

For a ride with a dog and a horse, it would be wonderful if you could ride one-handed, ride well off-road and have already practiced leashing your dog from your mount.

In addition, you should be well versed in multitasking, be able to control your horse well in any gait and have the dog well in stressful situations and in control.

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