Proper keeping of a Chihuahua

For a small, moderately active dog like the Chihuahua the attitude in the apartment is no problem at all. Only one thing should not be forgotten by its owners: Just like any other dog, this squeaky four-legged friend must and wants to go outside several times a day.

An exclusive attitude in the home where the chihuahua must use a litter box is not appropriate to the species. Just like its bigger counterparts, this dog wants to go out for a walk several times a day, get a breath of fresh air, have contact with other dogs, and experience something.

So make a chihuahua happy

The popular dogs from Mexico are spirited, eager and active. They love to romp and play outside, so they like to stand on the ground with their own four legs. Of course you can also hug him, but you should not overdo it.

Since the petite four-legged friends do not like to be alone, you should not buy a representative of this breed, if you are little at home and your dog can not take. Your adult pet should not be alone for more than five hours, of course you should leave dog puppies only in exceptional cases and only for a short time alone. It is also nice if you can hold your darling together with a playmate, for example with a dog or a friendly cat.

What else should you pay attention to

The Chihuahua is quite robust, but too cold and too humid weather can tamper the little animal. Even constant pulling is not good for him. A warm place in the apartment is important to him - after a rain walk you should dry it.

If you have it on a leash, it is best to put the soft four-legged dog dog harness in place of a dog collar. Especially if your fur nose tends to pull on a leash, that's just safer.

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