Dog retrieving games: ideas

There are a lot of retrieving games that can give your dog a lot of variety. If your four-legged friend like sticks, ball and Co. bring back to you, you can challenge him with different game variants. Here are some suggestions.

Basically, retrieval games for dogs can be divided into different categories, including search, hate, obedience or mind games. Which exercises are right for your four-legged friends, you should find out just by trying - you will notice what your dog is fun and what is not. Very important in every game: Praise and reward your four-legged friend extensively, if he brings back his retriever toy.

Triangle Exercise: Simple and Fun

For the triangular exercise, place the dummy your dog is about to retrieve several feet away from the quadruped. He should definitely be able to see him. Then position yourself, your dog and the dummy so that they form the vertices of a triangle. Then call your partner first and then let him get the dummy.

Basic Obedience: The Classic

The game Grundgehorsam is one of the retrievers, where it - as the name implies - arrives at obedience. For example, let your dog walk at first and then suddenly throw the dummy. It is important that your playing buddies do not run directly after, but retrieved only at your command. Alternatively, you can throw the dummy, but do not let your dog sprint for it immediately, but first ask him to do something completely different - for example, make "seat" or "male". As a reward your four-legged friend may then retrieve the dummy.

Memory game for clever dogs

Retrieving games that challenge and encourage the memory or thinking of your pet companion are especially popular with dogs. The following exercise assumes that you go the same way back and forth on a dog walk. On the way you hide one or more dummies along the way - in such a way that your four-legged friend can watch you. However, your dog may search for and retrieve the "treasures" only on the way back - the joy will be twice as long.

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