Akita: Tips for the dog's attitude

The Akita is a dog whose attitude requires time and space. He is happy about family connection, a lot of exercise and varied employment, where he can use his intelligence.

If you experience dogs and are willing to put a lot of emphasis on proper dog training, the Akita is a wonderful family dog. He is loyal, affectionate, patient and very strong in nature. If you want to give the Akita a species-appropriate attitude, it will be easier to live up to it if you keep it in a house with a garden than in the apartment. Being a sporty quadruped, it is ideal if your property is in an environment where you can make long, beautiful walks with him.

Posture of the dog: a lot of exercise is important

The big, strong Akita has to be able to stretch her legs every day to be balanced and friendly. If he is not challenged, it can be difficult with this dog, whose hunting and protective drive make him an advanced dog anyway.

Watch out when you meet other dogs on the way: Even if your pet is well educated and socialized, it may be that he behaves dominant in one way or another and starts quarrels - be it in the scramble for the favorite toy. He is more of a loner and not the most tolerable dog - so some caution makes sense.

Tips to care for the Akita and to employ

The Akita is robust and shows in the various dog sports talented - because he usually never loses a certain independence, but he is more suitable for recreational than for competitive sports. He pulls sledges and can be used in training as a therapy, protection or as a search dog. Even when hiking or cycling, this four-legged friends like it.

His coat care could take a little more time, because the dog has a lot of dense undercoat. Especially in the change of coat you should brush the dog daily. He usually does not bring in much dirt, because his coat is thick, but attracts surprisingly little dirt.

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