Akita: So educate the dog from Japan

The education of the Akita must be carefully and conscientiously addressed, because the dog is not easy. As a first dog, he is less suitable and even for experienced dog owners, he can be a challenge. You should pay attention to this when training with him.

The Akita is a smart, docile dog: if you know what you are doing, you will simply have something to teach this dog. A certain amount of autonomy he will always preserve, but with the right attitude and a careful education you will be able to make him a reliable, friendly and very pleasant dog.

Akita: In case of uncertainties in education, a dog trainer will help

The Akita needs a sensitive but consistent education. Anyone who tries to assert themselves with shouting and ranting will succeed in making the dog insecure and having no fun working with his owner. A good relationship is the alpha and omega to become a perfect team with this four-legged friend.

Do not hesitate to take a dog trainer aside if there are any uncertainties in education. With him you should work on the normal basic commands, his social behavior, the hunting drive and the protective drive.

Important point: the dominance behavior

An important topic in education is the domination behavior of the dog. The Akita is known to test again and again in humans, whether he may not ascend in the rank order. If the owner remains absolutely consistent and prevents that, he does exactly the right thing.

Even against dogs, this Asian Spitzart likes to dominate. While flawless socialization is one way to make him a little more relaxed - that he is by nature more of a loner, in most cases he can not be changed and sometimes a little distance to other four-legged friends is simply the best option.

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