Akita - a loyal, courageous dog

The Akita is a dog with a courageous, strong character. Although he has many good, reliable traits, he is not a beginner dog - why, read here.

The Akita belongs to an old dog breed from Japan and is counted to the section "Asian tip". As a very smart and independent quadruped he can be used for a variety of tasks, but is often also considered a family dog.

The Akita as a companion and family dog

His unwavering, stress-resistant character makes the Akita very dependable when well-behaved and socialized. As a relaxed, friendly dog ​​with a steady, steady and patient character, he fits in well with families when the basic conditions are right.

With his strong personality and the tendency to stubbornness the dog needs an owner who can assert himself. If its owners are negligent, the Akita will try to cheat up the hierarchy and test its limits. Also a tendency to dominance is said to many representatives of this breed.

Not a simple character

A beginner dog is not the Akita because of that. Its owner must be able to recognize exactly, if the dog shows dominance behavior and stop it immediately. In addition, his hunting and his protective drive need special attention, a person who knows and can deal with it, if the four-legged friend sometimes behaves unpredictably.

His dominance behavior can also show when the beautiful dog from Japan meets other dogs, so it can cause friction. A daredevil, he is usually not, but rather in a restrained manner suspicious - dances him a fellow on the nose, but he will not let the butter from the bread.

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