Agility with big dogs: is that possible?

Exercises in the obstacle course are no problem for most dogs. But what about agility with big dogs? Very large breeds could get health problems with wrong training.

Agility is a great dog sport for active four-legged friends. For most breeds the obstacle course is easily possible. However, agility with big dogs can be difficult.

Beware of bones and joints

For races like Border Collies, Shepherds or Australian Shepherds the course is an exciting challenge. For even larger quadrupeds, the joints may suffer. A big factor here is the spine bend, which brings sharp turns in the course or obstacles such as the tunnel, as well as the strong impact of jumps. Agility with large dogs such as Great Danes or Newfoundland is therefore only partially recommended because of the heavy weight of the four-legged friends. Spine and joints could be affected too much under the stress of the exercises.

Tips for agility with big dogs

However, if you do not want to give up dog sport for your very large four-legged friend, you should definitely have it thoroughly checked by the doctor. If his joints and bones are strong, you can carefully approach the training. Do not overdo your dog - especially beginners should not overdo it. Performance-oriented training with tournaments should be completely avoided with very large dogs for the sake of his health.

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