Build agility obstacles and courses for the dog itself

Agility training is a great pleasure for both humans and dogs. The obstacles and the course can also be built at home.

Even without virtuoso craftsmanship skills, you can build agility obstacles yourself and set up a course for your dog. For this you can, for example, in your garage look around, whether even old tires can be misused.

Turn everyday objects into agility obstacles

As long as you practice agility training for your dog, especially for fun, you can create obstacles and build a course from all sorts of objects. For competitions, the hurdles and stations must meet certain specifications, but in your free time you can design these to your heart's content. Risk of injury should of course be excluded, then the joy of two-and four-legged friends in the foreground.

For example, you can build a slalom out of old broomsticks, bamboo sticks, sticks or sand-filled plastic bottles. To practice jumps, you can lay car tires next to each other. Tree trunks or old cardboard boxes and a curtain rod can be used to make hurdles in an instant. Moving boxes can be opened up and down and placed one behind the other - you already have a kind of tunnel.

Build an agility course in your own garden

Try to make the agility course in your garden as varied as possible. For example, boxes can be used for a variety of purposes and can easily be changed. For the slalom you simply stick rods or horse mowers into the ground at sufficiently large and regular intervals. And the tires can be arranged so and times.

In this way, your dog is wonderfully physically and mentally challenged. This is not only an important contribution to dog health, but also for your well-being. After all, you will also be challenged if you think up new training options for your favorite.

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