Agility in the dog school: that's important

For active dogs Agility is a great sport. The best way to start training with your four-legged friend in a dog school. You should pay attention to this when choosing your school and starting your training.

If you want to introduce your dog to agility, you can do it either at home or in a dog school. Anyone who is experienced in dog training can start training with a few tips for beginners. However, if the topic of agility is new to you, you might want to seek help from a dog school.

Agility in the dog school: first steps

When choosing the right agility school, you should know exactly what the potential training facility is specialized. For that, you need to be aware of whether obstacle training is just for fun or whether you want to make your dog fit for tournaments. There are very different dog schools that offer agility. So choose one that meets your needs and see if your four-legged friend is comfortable there. After all, that's the most important thing about the whole thing. The quality of the equipment, the facilities and the friendliness of the trainers are also good indicators of a good dog school.

Training in the group: tips

The smaller the group, the more efficient course is the training - this also applies to the obstacle course for four-legged friends. However, practicing with several dogs can also have the benefit of your dog's obedience and patience. There are parallels to obedience training here - which of course can be a good prerequisite for successful agility.

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