Variety when playing with the cat: ideas

Playing just the same is just as boring for cats as it is for us humans. The result: Our Stubentiger lose interest in playing and become lazy. Variety is therefore the magic word, with which you can bring your pet up to speed!

These ideas for games should surprise your cat and bring variety into the house. They can always be tried out when their pet is just up for fun, games and jokes.

Raschelnder fun for curious Stubentiger

Your pet is adventurous and his curiosity is hard to control? Then rustling game ideas are a great way to keep it busy. You need a cardboard box or a large paper bag without a handle, newspaper and a little toy with which the cat likes to work, for example balls or corks.

Now tear newspaper apart, crumple it up a bit and put it in the box or bag with the toy that you are hiding in it and let your cats look for it. Treats or a few chunks of dry food naturally increase the fun even more.

Water feature for the head and the paws

It is best to place the following cat toy outside if your pet starts splashing in the water with your paws: Put water in a medium bowl and put a floating cat toy or a small, waterproof ball inside. To make it even more exciting, if you also add some leaves in the bowl that floats on the water surface.

Now, get the floating toy moving by pushing or puffing it on. Your cat will become curious and try to get the toy out of the water, which is not so easy. There are many great ways to treat your pets with variety, clicker training, agility and Co., for example, are well suited to integrate long-term varied employment in everyday life.

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