Cooling for dogs on hot days: tips

When the outside temperatures climb to their highest levels in the summer, our beloved four-legged friends are just as fond of refreshment as we humans are. Whether you are having fun with cool water, a refreshing scarf or a water bowl on the way: here we have collected a few ideas.

1. Water spa at home: The paddling pool for dogs

Practical, refreshing and space-saving: this wading pool is designed especially for dogs, set up in no time and even fits on the balcony. It has a capacity of about 100 liters of water and can be easily cleaned.

2. Relief on very hot days: The cooling scarf

This reusable bandana is easily made ready to start: Just pack it in cold water and then wrap it around your sweetheart's neck to give him some cooling off on a hot day for several hours if necessary.

3. Cooling blanket in different (dog) sizes

A cooling blanket for dogs should refresh your pet on very sunny days and can be hung up, for example, before the walk in the warm midday hours. The blanket is available in five different sizes and is simply put in water and wrung out shortly before use to cool the dog by the slow evaporation of water.

4. Foldable water bowl for on the way

If you are traveling a little longer with your dog, you should always have a bowl and a water bottle with you, to be able to provide your dog with enough water, even if there is no bird or lake nearby, A foldable bowl fits in every pocket making it very practical for hot days.

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