Broken claw in the dog: You can do that

A broken claw in a dog hits almost every four-legged friend once: Here we explain how you can provide the paw injury to prevent infections and accelerate wound healing.

To prevent the risk of a broken claw as much as possible, you should cut the claws of your four-legged regularly and go with your dog while walking asphalt trails to give the claws the required abrasion. Mostly, they break and splinter when they are too long.

Broken claw: That's the way it happens

Dog claws that are too long or have grown so that they do not touch the ground when running can easily break or rip. This is very uncomfortable for the dog and not only can bleed heavily, but also mostly hurts the four-legged friend. So you can help him.

First aid for claw injuries

First, take a close look at the injured area. If the broken or torn piece of claw still hangs loose, you should carefully remove it to prevent further tearing and the risk of infection. At home, you can then disinfect the paw or bathe in iodine solution. A little iodine ointment prevents bacteria from getting into the wound.

After this initial care, you can then create a bandage that should be changed every 24 hours. In rain, wind and weather, you can put a latex glove or a plastic bag over the bandage so it does not get wet.

With a broken claw to the vet?

In any case, you should consult a veterinarian, if a piece of broken claw hangs on the affected area and can not be removed, because then there is a high risk of infection.

If the dog is lame, visibly in pain, or the sore spot is inflamed, you should also visit a veterinarian. As always, it is better to go to the veterinarian too often than once too little and call him in case of uncertainty - he will tell you whether you should come by or take care of the first aid without hesitation.

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