At what age are cats sexually mature?

If a cat reaches sexual maturity, it is basically ready for mating and reproduction. But at what age are cats sexually mature? This can not be determined to the exact week, as it may vary from cat to cat. Factors such as race also play a role.

When cats and hangovers become sexually mature, they behave differently, much like people in puberty. Lovestruck behavior and excitement are "symptoms" of cataracts.

At what age are cats sexually mature?

A female cat is usually sexually mature at the age of six to nine months. The beginning of sexual maturity is different from race to race. Some breeds, such as the Siamese cat or the Abyssinian cat, for example, are known for their precocious maturity and can often become pregnant at the age of six months. In rare cases, Siamese cats are mature at four months of age.

Incidentally, unlike humans, female cats do not enter menopause. This means that cats theoretically can become pregnant even in old age, which can then be a major burden for the velvet paws.

The behavior during the course

Sexually mature cats become ravenous and have special behaviors that can vary from cat to cat. Many fur noses then have little appetite, whine and scream noticeably much, roll around on the floor and distribute their scent marks whenever possible. Also typical is the head flattening and flank rubbing. How intense your cat's behavior is depends on your individual temperament.

Free-range cats usually go mobile twice a year for about eight to ten days. From September to December, all cats naturally rest for sexual behavior. Among other things, the lack of light plays a role here. However, indoor cats can theoretically become mobile throughout the year because they are exposed to artificial light in the home and are not oriented to the seasons.

At what age are tomcats sexually mature?

In males it looks a bit different with the sexual maturity: They usually become sexually mature at the age of eight to ten months. Again, the breed and the individual development of the cat plays a role, whether it is early or late so far. However, hangovers can only be successful from the tenth month onwards. Much earlier, often before the onset of sexual maturity, many hangovers are already experimenting a bit with their sexual behavior. Parallel to these experiments, in which, for example, siblings are "broken in", the sex organs of the cat develop gradually.

Already at around two months, 100 to 200 papillae grow on the penis tip, which are directed towards the back and act like barbs during sexual intercourse. Read more about sexual intercourse in the guidebook: "mating behavior of cats: foreplay and cover act".

The behavior of cats in the rutting season

Hangover cats who do not talk about rolling behave differently during the rutting season in the spring. They leave numerous fragrance brands and urine splashes, increasingly go on ramble and bridal look through the neighborhood and are often for days not look at their cat owners. Hunger and fatigue then play a subordinate role. It often comes to turf warfare with other cats, so that small injuries and injuries in the rutting season are not uncommon.

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