8 things you should know before buying via the Great Dane

She is very tall, rather heavy and incredibly adorable: the Great Dane. She is the perfect family dog ​​- however, you should consider some important things before you buy.


Although the Great Dane with its about 80 centimeters height at the withers can look quite scary, her character is the absolute opposite. She is one of the most affable breeds of dogs, thanks to her meek, sensitive and affectionate species. Nevertheless, the majestic animals are not to be underestimated, so you should have some facts in mind before you decide to buy such a four-legged friend.

When buying note: think big!

Fact 1: The Great Dane is huge! While males are at least at a shoulder height of 80 centimeters, in females it is on average 72 centimeters. However, there are always isolated cases that are much larger. The once largest Great Dane Giant George measured a withers height of 109 centimeters! However, the big four-legged friends do not always realize this: they sometimes seem to think that they are really a Chihuahua - a lovable phenomenon that occurs in many large breeds of dogs. So do not be surprised if a Great Dane tries to claim your lap as a favorite place.

Fact 2: Due to its size, the Great Dane needs a lot of space. It is not easy to find a suitable basket for this dog, but he likes to be comfortable. Make sure before buying so that the planned sleeping space for the four-legged friends is sufficiently large. An oversized pillow would be ideal or a children's mattress. This will easily fill the Great Dane in its adult state. By the way, an outdoor pose is out of the question for the four-legged friends: as his coat does not have any undercoat, these dogs depend on the life in the house with their owner.

Close bond to the owner

Fact 3: Speaking of owner: The Great Dane is not happy to be separated from her master or mistress. Wherever you go, your four-legged friend will follow you wherever you go, even if you just get a cup of coffee. So think about buying the animal: would the dog often be alone? Or maybe you can take the animal to work? If the Great Dane is left on her own for too long, not only can it start mischief and disassemble your home - it also tends to get depressive.

Fact 4: The Great Dane slobbers - and much and gladly! Whether sleeping, eating, dog walking or just like that: nothing is safe from it. If a dachshund drools, it will be wiped out, but if the Great Dane slobbers, you can change completely.

The Great Dane is very expensive

Fact 5: The four-legged friends eat a lot! While a feed bag with 20 kilograms is enough for some dog breeds at least six weeks, it is used up in a German Great Dane within three weeks. Of course, that goes into the money. If you want to bar your dog, it will be even more expensive.

Fact 6: The life expectancy of the animals is not as high as in other breeds. As a rule, they are between six and eight years old, but there were already conspecifics who have become ten years old. The reason for the comparatively short life expectancy is the rapid growth of the animals, which can lead to health problems such as joint problems, bone pain or gastric bloating. Unfortunately, this can also lead to high vet costs in extreme cases.

Impetuous and cozy at the same time

Fact 7: The Great Dane loves walks, but at least she likes to loll about on her sofa. So do not come up with the idea of ​​jogging with them - you'll probably have to do it on your own. But longer car rides are no problem for this breed of dog. Give her a cozy place in the spacious trunk - and the Great Dane is completely satisfied.

Fact 8: Last but not least, the animal has difficulty controlling its massive body, especially in the first year or two. A full-grown Great Dane weighs up to 90 kilograms. However, if the animal is still young, it can not judge correctly yet and like to storm towards you as a greeting - so be careful!

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