6 typical problems of cat owners

Cat owners face a variety of prejudices: they regularly break their necks as they stumble upon their cat, stifling them daily in animal hair and never sleeping. That may be a bit exaggerated. But these - not quite serious - six problems probably knows every cat owner.

The truth is: those who have cats at home can count themselves among the happiest people ever. Velvet paws enrich the everyday life of every animal lover. Some habits, however, take some getting used to.

1. On a dangerous foot

The doorbell rings, they run down the hall and almost break both legs? Then your miez was probably in the way again or just had to run between her legs.

2. Hair Alert!

You wonder why the drugstore buys $ 1, 000 from your account each month? This is certainly due to the countless lint rollers that you have to buy because of the cat hairs that have spread everywhere. But cat owners know: Without a few cat hairs you are not properly dressed.

3. Sleeping in? I do not know

Is not it nice if you do not wake up in the morning with the shrill alarm, but through a loving animal? Not when it happens at four o'clock in the morning, with your tail, paw, and whiskers alternately pressed into your nostrils.

4. paper? What was that again?

Reminders, bills, and other unpleasant letters are no longer a problem for most cat owners. This is because any paper in the home is basically converted from your cat to a toy and distributed in snippets in every room.

5. Never work again

Sounds good! Cat owners never have to work again. Unfortunately, this is not because they won the lottery, but because their cat prevents them. Whether it's insulting meowing if you want to go to the office in the morning or occupy your laptop, your cat already finds ways to keep you away from work.

6. Togetherness was once

You would like to spend a romantic evening with your partner? There is unfortunately a problem. With a cat at home, getting togetherness is usually a trip in the air.

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