6 "superpowers" of cats: Is your cat a superhero?

Cats have seven lives - are not they already enough "superpowers"? No, the kitties are full of abilities that compete with superheroes like Batman and Co. Do you recognize your cat again?

Cats are real miracles. They make the impossible possible and surprise their owners over and over again with their "super powers". A selection of her fascinating skills can be found here.

1. Speed

The four-legged pussies rush through the apartment in monkey teeth, especially when they have their wild five minutes. The plushy Fl├╝stornados are so fast that they are often seen only as lightning in the corner of the eye. They reach speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour - even topping the Jamaican sprinter and currently the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt.

2. Agility

Cats fit into even the smallest box. They writhe and spin until their entire body is gone in the object of their desire. How it works? Clearly, elasticity is one of their superpowers. One master in fitting in small boxes is the famous tomcat Maru. In the following video he has chosen a very small mini-box to pick up:

3rd bounce

Could humans jump as high as cats, they would be real superheroes. The fur noses manage to reach a jump height that is five times their height - and land safely and gently on the paws again. A real masterpiece! Even when cats fall, they seem to have superpowers: they almost always manage to turn in the case so that they land safely on all fours by their Drehreflex.

4. Noiseless like a ninja

The cats' velvet paws and their elegant movements give her more "superpowers". Noiselessly, they stalk their targets while hunting and playing. Unnoticed, they reach it to get what they want - even if it is just the delicious sausage from the dining table.

In addition, cats are not only silent, but can also make themselves almost invisible when needed, like a Japanese ninja fighter (in German "Hidden"). For example, black cats are barely visible on dark areas and shadows, and tabby cats fit snugly in the bushes outside in the bushes. The little cat in the video, for example, has raised her sneaking to the art form:

5. eyesight

Cat's eyes are fantastic. In terms of distance vision, they depend on people far from. At a distance of 100 meters, they can see who their friend and who the enemy is. And at night, they unfold their full "superpowers" - the pupils open into a circle, allowing them to move safely in the dark.

6. Hearing performance

Their sensitive senses are also reflected in the education of the cat's ear. They not only hear extremely well, but are also able to align their ears so that they hear exactly what they want to hear - without having to move their head.

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