5 tips for a successful man-cat relationship

A harmonious relationship between man and cat is no coincidence. Sure, the Miezis have their own mind and most of the time you should take them as they are. However, with the following tips, you can do a lot to make sure that your velvet paw feels at home and closes your heart.

In the first place of a successful relationship between humans and cats is the selection of the animal roommate. Give yourself plenty of time to find the right bitch before buying a cat or adopting it from the shelter. Pay attention not only to optical characteristics or the age and breed of the fur nose, but also to their personality and their previous experience. At the shelter, the breeder or the previous owners, this information can usually be obtained easily. But you can do even more so that the velvet paw feels at home with you:

1. Respect: Cats leave their peace

Do not try to force the affection of your cat. The fluffy stubborn heads usually give you a clear understanding of whether they want to be hugged, cuddled or playing - or not. As a human you can improve the relationship with your pet by respecting it when your cat is not coming to you. As fluffy and cute as they are, cats are not cuddly animals. Therefore, do not overwhelm or overstrain your pets with your affection, but stay calm and relaxed until the velvet paw falls on you.

2. Attention: Game and communication

If your headstrong Velcro comes at you and demands your attention, you should not ignore it. Maybe she wants to play with her human, be left outside, cuddle or eat. Pay close attention to their behavior and body language, then it is usually easy to see what your girl wants.

Even if the velvet paw does not understand what you're saying, it's beneficial for the human-cat relationship to talk to her. The best thing to do is to speak with a calm voice in a rather low pitch - that appeals to most of the tiger tigers very well.

3. Meet basic needs: eating and sleeping

When cuddling, playing and entertaining the basic needs of your pet should not be neglected. High-quality cat food at regular meals is as much a great cat-human relationship as sufficient sleep. Around the 15 hours a day, the Miez romps in the dreamland - and this recovery needs them too. So if she slumbers peacefully, do not disturb her.

4. Pay attention to hygiene and instincts of the cat

In addition, cats appreciate it if you provide them with a clean litter box and also pay close attention to hygiene in their environment. Nevertheless, try to avoid strong-smelling cleaning agents, which often feel the sensitive skin noses as unpleasant. The instincts of the velcro ball also include whetting and clawing their claws. A cat tree fulfills these needs, while still protecting your furniture, carpets and curtains.

5. Strengthen man-cat relationship with rituals

Small rituals help maintain a harmonious human-cat relationship. Not only do velvet paws like to rest but they are also habit animals. Fixed meal times, regular hours of play or a relaxed, relaxed evening on the couch provide your velvet paw security, security and attention.

Additional tip: This will tell you that your cat loves you

Cats are often accused by people who are unfamiliar with the tiger tigers, they were arrogant and cold hearted. Often it is said - in comparison to dogs - cats would not care about their people and would only be interested in a warm cookie and the food. In fact, the fur noses are usually more independent than their four-legged counterparts, and of course they enjoy the comfort of living with humans.

But there are a few hints that you can tell your cat likes you. For example, she is looking for your proximity, winks at you friendly or comes even to cuddle past. However, the exact expressions of affection of your velvet paw depend on your character. For more tips on the love evidence of our Stubentiger see the following guides:

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