5 sayings that cat owners do not want to hear

Every cat owner knows that cats are the most wonderful creatures in the world. Just strange that there are still people who disagree and rub this cat friends by stupid sayings under the nose. The following comments will probably make anyone who loves cats happy.

If you are visiting a cat owner or cat lover, but you do not like the adorable velvet paws, you should save yourself some sayings. Remarks that are full of stereotypes, cat owners just do not want to hear. These sayings are best for counteracting cat enemies with tact:

1. "I like dogs better, they are nicer"

Some people seem to think that you can not like dogs and cats at the same time. One of the sayings used to identify such people is, "I like dogs better." The reason is usually followed by a collection of prejudices that dogs are kinder, good-natured, faithful or loving than cats. Every cat owner knows: that's nonsense.

Often, such confident "dog people" just have no experience with cats and do not know their body language to interpret. A slow blinking of the fur noses is then misinterpreted as a contemptuous look, although the Miez just smiled kindly. Or it overlooks signals that the cat is uncomfortable and ready to attack. Scratch or bite them then, that comes to the other suddenly and unexpectedly.

2. "Do cats do anything other than lie around?"

This question annoys because it resonates with the accusation that cats are boring pets and anyone who likes cats would also be bored. If the spell comes from someone you love a lot, you can answer that cats are mostly nocturnal animals that rest a lot during the day. This is even more noticeable with outdoor cats that can run riot outside than with home cats who spend their wild five minutes and their playful mood in their own four walls. If the proverbial knocker is someone who often annoys them with old-fashioned comments, the answer is a tighter "yes".

3. "What are you doing with the cat when the baby is here?"

Anyone expecting a child as a cat owner must occasionally listen to well-meaning sayings like this: "What happens to the cat when the baby is there?" In general, the question is not meant to be evil, but also testifies to a lack of experience with cats, especially in combination with babies and toddlers. Anyone who asks so can not imagine that pets and babies can grow up together. However, it is very possible if planned on time and if a few precautions are taken. You can find tips on how to do this in our guidebooks "Getting used to the cat and baby: tips" and "Cat and baby: avoiding problems".

4. "Cats are sneaky and unpredictable"

This saying is often given to cat owners in the context of a hymn of praise for the loyalty and good nature of dogs. It is unfair and nonsensical to subject animals to malignancy because both dogs and cats and other animals do not think in moral terms. That is, when an animal reacts aggressively, it is not "evil" but feels threatened in some way or disturbed in its well-being. If aggressive behavior in cats appears as unpredictable, the subtle warning signs of the cat language were not noticed.

5. "As a cat owner you do not care about the animal"

A stubborn prejudice against cats says that they do not care for their cat owner, and simply appreciate a roof over their heads and regular food. Proverbs that are aimed in this direction, however, almost never come from cat owners or cat friends themselves, but from people who do not know cats. Otherwise, they would know that the Fellnasen have a lot of love evidence for their favorite people left and apparently their cat owners can close in their little heart. However, it may depend on the cat's personality, how much the fur noses bind to their people and how clearly they show their affection.

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