5 things that cats love

If you have a cat at home, you probably know what she likes and what does not. Here you will find 5 things that most cats love and that you, if not yet tried, should also heed your velvet paw.

A cat is more roommate than a pet - the fur noses have their own cat personality and so the one and the other loves things that another does not like. Therefore, the following points are not applicable to every cat, but to most.

1. Respect the habits

Cats are habitual animals - they love habitual processes and usually react unruly when something unexpected happens. Respect the cat habits, such as the feeding times your pet has set itself. You are doing something good for her.

2. Ensure a clean environment

Cats are very clean animals, which attach great importance to hygiene. Therefore, make sure you keep important items such as the food bowl or the litter box clean. Especially a clean toilet is very important for velvet paws. Remove the feces and lumps daily with a small bowl and renew the cat litter about twice a week. Every two weeks, the litter box should also be completely cleaned and the tub rinsed, preferably with an odor-neutral mild detergent.

3. Grooming is soul care

Most cats love to be brushed. Take your time and see if your cat enjoys it. Important: When brushing or caressing your cat, you should always do it with the stroke - that is, in the direction of growth of the hair - never against it. Otherwise this is very unpleasant for your pet. Positive side effect of grooming: They also care for the cat's skin, reduce hair balls and can check whether fleas or ticks have taken root in the coat.

4. fun and game

Fun and games are the basic ingredients for a happy cat life - besides about a thousand other things of course. Be sure to engage regularly and frequently with your cat, offering your fun, excitement, new and plenty of opportunities for solo employment. For example, items such as a cat tree or a fiddle board should be basic items in every cat household. When it comes to games you should always provide enough variety.

5. Catnip for the senses

Cats love catnip. The plant is usually bewitching on fur noses and is a true nougat, without being dangerous. If you give your cat catnip, make her a pleasure.

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