4 tips for the vet visit: Everything goes smoothly

To get your sick dog or your sick cat back to normal as quickly as possible, a visit to a veterinarian is usually necessary. The following tips will help your veterinarian to work with you so that he can help your pet as much as possible.

The vet visit usually means stress for your dog or cat. As a keeper, try to stay calm and assist your veterinarian to the best of our ability.

1. Be punctual and reliable

If you visit the vet on time, the doctor has enough time to examine your cat or dog. Allow plenty of time for a more relaxed ride to practice, with no more stress than necessary for your pet. It also makes a good impression if you pay your bills on time, even if it gets expensive.

2. Trust your veterinarian

If you have found a good veterinarian for your cat and a suitable veterinarian for your dog, you trust his assessments. Do not question the diagnosis and treatment on the basis of lay diagnoses from the Internet or from acquaintances, because after all, the veterinarian has long studied in order to acquire his expertise. However, when it comes to making final decisions about whether to have your pet euthanized or not, a second diagnosis from another veterinarian may be useful.

3. Tell the truth at the vet visit

Your veterinarian can only make a fitting diagnosis to your sick pet if he has as much detailed knowledge about his condition as possible. It is best to list all the symptoms that you come up with, and do not conceal them if you are afraid of making a mistake yourself. For example, if your dog has been eating chocolate, tell the veterinarian. Also, if you have fed your pet with scraps of food or played it with fragile toys, hair ties, and small parts it's important to know.

4. Dog and cat help: Follow instructions

Listen carefully and take notes when you get instructions for home visits from a vet. The treatment can only work properly if you strictly follow the dosage and dosage of the medication. If you are unsure, have any doubts or have not understood something, ask nicely. For example, your vet can give you tips on how to give your cat a tablet or what diet is best for your sick pet.

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