4 sleep habits of dogs and their meaning

The sleep habits of dogs can change depending on their mood or external factors such as the temperature of "rolled-up hedgehog-sleeper" up to the "spread free-swimmer". Here are 4 of the most typical sleeping habits and their meaning.

Most dogs like a comfortable, slightly elevated, protected from the cold and drafts and backed up sleeping place most like. What sleep habits dogs lay on the day or at night, but often changes within the sleep phase. So hardly a quadruped sleeps in one position.

1. The rolled up ball dog

One of the more commonly seen sleeping habits of dogs is the Einkugeln followed by snoring away. Dogs can literally hook themselves to a fur ball and still sleep comfortably. The position where the legs are angled and the nose is located at the base of the tail, is very interesting with regard to the evolution: dogs that live in the wild lie down on the one hand to keep as much body heat and to others to protect the unprotected abdominal area and vital organs from potential enemies in their sleep.

Does your fur nose sleep in this position at home, but this does not mean that he feels uncomfortable and is afraid you would bite him at night. He probably just sleeps that way because he has it in his genes. Or maybe it's a bit cold - the ambient temperature also affects the sleep habits of dogs.

2. The dreaming marathon dog

In this position your snore nose is lying flat on the side. In the REM phase (rapid-eye-movement) it is often observed how the legs twitch. This means that your dog dreams and possibly runs through the dream meadows in his head. The dreams then manifest in real movements during sleep. Tip: If you need to wake your dog while he is dreaming, gently call his name and slowly increase the volume instead of touching it - so it will not be frightening and you will miss out on a possible, accidental dog bite.

3. The bite-me-in-the-belly-dog

Some dogs sleep occasionally lying on their backs with bare belly. The fur lobes only take up this position if they feel completely well and safe. The abandonment of the belly testifies to a deep relaxation. Also, the temperature may play a role - if it is very warm, your dog does not need to conserve body heat and releases its warmest body regions.

4. The cozy Kuschelwuff

Some four-legged friends like to sleep under blankets. This preference is one of the sleeping habits, which are often only possible when masters or mistresses let the dog sleep in bed, whereby dogs can mollify in their dog basket or dog bed under blankets or pillows. Dogs doing this in bed like to be in the company of people while sleeping.

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