4 smart everyday tips for dog owners

Living with a dog can be quite turbulent. There are a few practical everyday tips for dog owners not wrong. The following tricks can be implemented quickly and easily.

Such a dog can keep you pretty busy, but with these tips for dog owners, you're guaranteed to be out of breath:

1. Remove dog hair with rubber gloves

Some dogs will hair in the shortest time the whole apartment full. To avoid having to use one lint roller after the next, or having to pick up the vacuum cleaner each time to remove the dog hair, you can use rubber gloves. Moisten them a little and paint over the sofa, clothes and other areas covered with dog hair. The hair can then be easily wiped off and disposed of as a compact fur ball. Alternatively, for larger areas, you can also moisten a squeegee for the shower or for window cleaning and use as a dog hair remover.

2. Old bedding as a cover for the dog bed

Another way to control the dog's hair is to buy old pillowcases, sheets or duvet covers. There you can wrap the dog bed or the favorite pillow of your four-legged friend or cover the sofa in his favorite place. Once the bedding is full, you can easily pull off the cover and put in the washing machine. However, with very many animal hairs, you may need to clean the lint filter of the washing machine more often. If you put the sheets in the dryer afterwards, the dog hairs are removed even more carefully, and the cover then feels softer.

3. Herbs in the food for fresh breath

If your dog has a slightly unpleasant bad breath after eating, you can occasionally mix it with parsley or some mint under the food. Parsley should be fed only during the day, as it can have a diuretic effect. In addition, it has a slightly invigorating effect and may be helpful for the prevention of kidney stones. Pregnant bitches should, however, as a precaution, not get parsley as it may cause premature labor.

Mint has a calming effect and should only be used sparingly and not too often. But it is sometimes quite useful if your dog suffers from slight flatulence. Keep in mind, however, that you should consult a veterinarian if halitosis persists. If your dog is seriously ill or has been suffering for some time, you should always seek medical help.

4. This is how your dog brushes its own teeth

Your dog does not feel like dental care at all? Then you can try it out as a dog owner, if he can not brush his own teeth. Add dog toothpaste to the favorite chew toy of your favorite animal. If he then works it with his teeth, they are cleaned at the same time - quite handy.

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